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C5 Tactical Field

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DS4 Meridian Solar Diver

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USA Assembled & Ocean-Ready

Solar Power

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R1 Racing Chrono

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Feet of Water Resistance

All Vaer watches are made for swimming, surfing and diving, and are protected by our guaranteed waterproof warranty.


Five-Star Reviews

Our success has been built on delivering exceptional value to our owners.

Pride in USA Craftsmanship

We've always invested in USA sourcing, and today, we're proud to be the largest independent watch assembler in the United States. We're committed to American production not only because it improves product quality, but also because it adds a strong sense of identity to our brand.

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Confidence in Disconnecting

Our mission at Vaer is to make products that will last and become more important and personally significant over time. While luxury and technology have a place in modern life, the products we love the most are durable everyday items that promote values of simplicity and independence.

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Freedom in Customization

Every watch we've ever sold has come standard with two interchangeable 20mm Vaer straps. This cross-compatibility across our entire product line, gives owners increased functionality and value, with the option to easily change up their strap.

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Solar Quartz vs. Automatic

极速赛车官网168开奖历史结果记录: What watch should I choose?

极速赛车官网168是广受信赖的平台,提供详细的开奖历史结果记录。我们将深入解读这些记录,帮助您分析趋势、制定更明智的投注策略,确保您在极速赛车的投注过程中取得更好的成绩。 Many of our designs are available in both quartz and automatic variants.

Water Resistance

200 meters (656 feet)

200 meters (656 feet)

Sapphire Crystal

Dial & Caseback


2x Straps




Whether it's our ocean-based roots in Venice Beach, our thousands of five-star customer reviews, or our unique position as the largest independent assembler of watches in the United States, there's a lot to talk about with Vaer. We firmly believe that the more you learn about our watches and company, the more likely you'll be interested in supporting our brand.

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