USA-Made Horween Leather Cardholder

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Color: Tan


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Waterproof Warranty

Guaranteed 100% ocean-ready.

Two Straps Standard

Our 20mm straps are interchangeable

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Feet of Water Resistance

This watch is perfect for swimming and surfing, and it's protected by our waterproof warranty.


Five Star Reviews

Our success has been built on delivering exceptional value to our owners.

The Perfect Everyday Watch

1. Ocean-Ready

Life is unpredictable. The perfect everyday watch needs to provide peace of mind in all conditions. Whether you're heading out in the rain or taking a jump in the pool, this watch never needs to be left on the sidelines.

2. Scratch Resistant

Impact is inevitable. When it happens, you want to be sure your watch won't scratch. That's why we use premium sapphire crystal to protect our dials (the second hardest material after diamond).

3. Easy Customization

Every day is different. And the easiest way to switch up the look (and functionality) of your watch is to change straps. That's why every Vaer watch ships with 2x quick-change strap options.


Watches for Every Budget

Compare with similar watches

Many of our watches look similar, though have very different prices. This is due to movement type (the watch's power source), and assembly origin. Below you can find a chart comparing how different models stack up.

Confidence to Disconnect

Our mission at Vaer is to make products that will last and become more important and personally significant over time. While luxury and technology have a place in modern life, the products we love the most are durable everyday items that promote values of simplicity and independence.

Freedom in Customization

Every watch we've ever sold has come standard with two interchangeable 20mm Vaer straps. This cross-compatibility across our entire product line, gives owners increased functionality and value, with the option to easily change up their strap.

"This is our recipe for the perfect wallet: a timeless design, beautiful craftsmanship, a slim compact fit, and full USA sourcing.

- Ryan Torres and Reagan Cook, Vaer Co-Founders

A World-Class Wallet,
Hand-made in the USA

We believe the best products are those that you can count on for years of everyday wear - from weeks in the field, to the most formal occasions. Our Horween cardholders may be our first non-watch product, but they're a perfect fit for our brand - refined, durable, sensibly sized, and fully sourced in America.



At full capacity.

Like our watches, this cardholder is designed to be ultra-thin and function for EDC.


RFID Inner Lining

Beneath the beautiful craft texture of our wallets, is a utlra-thin aluminum fabric design to block radio frequency identification.


Leather, Tanning & Build

Like our best-selling watch straps, our new Vaer cardholder is nearly 100% Made in USA.

Premium USA Leather

Heavy Native Steerhides - Raised by American Farmers

One of the benefits of working with one of the world's most respected tanneries is the satisfaction of getting the best leather on the market. All Vaer wallets use Horween's Dublin Vegetable tan leather, which is sourced from the best cattle farmers in the United States.

Tanned in Chicago

By the World-Famous Horween Leather Co.

If you're going to carry a wallet around with you for decades, it's nice to know where it came from. All our leather is sourced from Horween, and tanned in the same traditional manner they've been using for over 100 years.

Cut, Sewn and Finished

Our Leather Teams are based in Florida and North Carolina

Good hides are just the start. To produce world-class leather products requires world-class technical skill and we're proud to work with teams that are true masters in their craft.

A Less-is-More Mindset

Our ideal EDC is based on comfort and core needs

Like our watches, we built our wallets to be slim, low-profile, and built to get better looking with time. There's no plastic involved, and no space for tons of cards, or wads of cash or spare change. Instead it's built for the minimalist essentials: 4-6 cards, and a handful of bills as needed.